Conflict: A Broken Dynasty

Bullette Points
  1. Vita’s soul is in the ownership of a devil
  2. Vita can track her soul
  3. Vita’s soul is in Kher-Rebat
  4. Duergar are devil-pacted
  5. K-R is at war with Demons
  6. Duergar military is very uncompromising
  7. Kosh is wearing a dwarven skull
  8. Duergar don’t seem effected by DemonFever
  9. Nobody wants to die
  10. We need to get inside
  11. The Duergar military told you they had all entrances covered
  12. The Duergar military is patrolling their outside area very regularly
  13. Howlers are used to call for entrance by the military
Not dead. Yet.
One does not simply walk into Mordor.

Good news everyone! We lived through our exciting bout with the scavengers of the wastes. Funny what having the capacity to channel undead turning into demonbane will do. Not that we weren’t awesome anyway… and we totally were. Too bad no one will ever see the details.

In no particular order and perhaps only mildly based on truth, the facts:

Critical hits and falling skittering horrors everywhere… Oh, and delicious addictive chaotic magical energy, turning brains into twitchy balls of paranoia. (what? It’s not like it moves in the form of reality bending storms of pure chaos, and may or may not be linked to a living focal point of power or anything. What could possibly go wrong?) Blackened spires that stand out in the distance and scream necromancy (with a hint of tasty nougat)… Contrasted with the ruins of ancient towers scattered amidst the wastes as though they have been launched from a cannon, that may well have been originally formed in a way that resembled the Elven crystalline empires.

Also, an army of bleeding orcs and demons as far as the eye can see blocking our path, surrounding the mountain range that holds the ancient Dwarf kingdom, in what can only be described as a long standing siege. Complete with sacrificial temples devoted to some demonic power (or several), and an ominous red star hovering over head.

All of this of course boiling down to our party avoiding this death like mad, hitching a ride on the nearest magically conjured horse (better to attract the notice of demons than the horde of orcs… right? >.<)and />s not forget that Landers is just having the most relaxing vacation ever.

The Demon wilds and you!

How can one follow up on a post about ‘hot naked elf on hobgoblin action’ one may ask?

By saying we went out into the Demon wilds with our camo gear and came out the other side of a reality bending magestorm intact! That’s how.

Avoiding eating all of the fun elemental power that is coming dangerously close to seeping into our magic users skulls. (Did I mention it would be delicious to see what we could do with that?) Adventurer traps galore.

…Now that I think of it when I say intact I mean more like a well-done burger on a lightly toasted bun; this is what I thought when we dragged the paladin back to his feet anyway. 22 Charisma or not Mr. Sexy Pants, you cannot talk down a magestorm. Don’t do that again.

That being said, there are some flying demon beasts known for following those storms, scavenging the carrion that is left behind… Funny I should mention burgers. I think they mean to eat us.

Chapter 1: The Wall of Srakt
  • Hot, naked elf-on-hobgoblin action
  • A night-assault of demons against The Wall
  • The tower falls, chaos ensues

The heroes spoke with the Temple of Srakt to acquire supplies for their journey. Io decided to wrestle with war-mages for the right to their knowledge. As the adventurers were returning to the Praehart encampment, shortly after dark, there was an assault on the great Wall of Srakt, and the heroes strove to fight off the demons being launched (by catapult) over the walls. They fought through a storm of assailants and made to the top of The Wall, unfortunately arriving just in time to have the tower collapse underneath them under the hail of volcanic magma-demons. After surviving their combat amid the ruins of the broken tower, they faced the choice of where to go from here.

Gather Your Party....
...Before Venturing Forth

In the last campaign, our heroes discovered a plot by retired champion Valor Montreyn to cause discord and chaos, to unleash Fire and War into the world, in an attempt to unite the many kingdoms of the continent and reform the great Human empire. They thwarted him, stopping the war half-started, redirecting the war against the wicked Fire-cultists boiling up from within the Dwarven lands. Sadly the Dwarven kingdom of Azul-Dhar was overrun by the primordial forces of Fire, but with that very act, the true threat became publicly known to both the dwarven public as well as the surface world. The brewing war threatening to destroy fragile alliances was halted to unite against the more known threat.

That done, our heroes met the fallen paladin Valor in a demiplane where he was trying to ascend to a strange state of semi-godhood. They slew the ‘immortal’ Valor and escaped the collapsing demiplane, though it cost the sacrifice of their longtime companion Glenn, who stayed behind to fuse with and stabilize the plane.

Months passed, and the heroes scattered to deal with their own problems.

The high wizard Chaede, an ally of our heroes (and secretly the exiled Prince of Vaelista), called the priestess Io and the warlock Vita to gather the party together for a special mission. Chaede’s rituals have located the Devil who holds Vita’s soul in the long-abandoned Dwarven kingdom of Kher-Rebat, in the center of the demon-controlled lands of Gragor. Io and Vita magically contacted their heroic companions and arranged to meet in the Hobgoblin-ruled lands of Srakt, at the legendary wall upon which the goblinoids stand guard and fight the demonic incursions, before venturing into the demon continent in search of the long-lost soul.


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