Dazun Lai Makluras

The exiled Prince of Vaelista, cursed with a demonic existence


Dazun is a tall, slender human with slightly elfin features. He has long, blonde hair, a delicate build, and was known to wield both sword and staff in magical combat. There are many scars along his body from being captured and tortured by unknown cultists.


Dazun lai Makluras is the secret prince of Vaelista. His house is under a curse that keeps them exiled from the country. His first appearance in the Society’s books is when Valor and his party rescued him from an infernal cult in Vaelista who were trying to summon a Devil using his blood and soul. Though he was in fact sacrificed in the climax of the battle, Valor invoked the powers of the Saints to return him to life and cease the ressurection of the Devil of Vaelista.
He joined Valor’s party on their adventures as a travelling wizard, and (as she does) Morticia fell madly in love with him.
He left behind a record of some of his adventures, memories trapped in a silver orb of power, which later heroes unlocked and experienced themselves. He disappeared when Valor’s party retired, traveling with Morticia into the Pannirish lands.

Dazun Lai Makluras

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