Morticia the Red Witch

A beautiful, entrancing witch of the Pannirish tribes


Morticia is an ageless Witch – or more accurately, a witch of many ages. She has been seen as a sixteen year old girl, a fifty year old woman, and many ages in between. No matter what age she pretends to be, she is always beautiful, whether vibrant and sexy, or seductive and mysterious. Her hair is the dark velvet of midnight, and stars seem to glisten in her long, straight locks. Her eyes are pools of deepest indigo, her lips a ruby red. She is a bit short, her form curvy and soft.


Morticia was a young Pannirish girl, merely thirteen when she first fell in love. A young boy had caught her heart, and in order to win him, she had formed a magical pact with a faerie of lust. Alas, this love did not last but a year, and her paramour’s tribe would not accept her. Morticia was lost in the woods, and became captured by a band of human bandits, one of who had fallen in love with the fourteen year old girl, only to be rescued from an uncertain fate by a band of adventurers.
This was how she met Nerethias, and fell in love, for he was a mysterious creature.
It took a few months for them to return the young girl to her home tribe, and she only ran away again to be with them, the love-struck witch engineering ways to be a damsel in distress for the party time and again that they might rescue her. This is how she fell in love with Valor Montreyn, for he was a hero who caught women’s hearts.
As she grew older, she officially joined the adventuring band (and she promised to not be kidnapped on purpose anymore). In her years adventuring with them, she fell in love many a time, but as she grew older she learned to control the madness of love that she was fae-cursed with, and instead, others fell in love with her. When the adventuring party split, she disappeared back into Pannirish lands, following Dazun Makluras, and did not resurface until much later, with a tribe of Pannirish following her.

She is a Witch of almost unsurpassed power, now. She has a tribe who follow her whims, and rumors of her mastery of love-potions and spells and fortune-telling often brings her attention when her tribe stops near towns.

The party met her as an ally of Nerethias, and she aided them in their investigations. Later, they learned that she was the mother of Dazun’s firstborn son, and she sought to bind them into his service through promises and favors paid.
She seems… very fey, whimsical, and possessing unknown powers.

Morticia the Red Witch

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