Rol the Reaper

Death-driven Hobgoblin avenger


Tall and gaunt, Rol is a hobgoblin in service to Death. He is almost skeletal in his frame, but holds frightening power in him. He has no hair, and his sunken eyes are pale white, his skin a pale reddish color.


Rol the Reaper is a worshipper of the ephemeral Death. Rol is a semi-undead monstrosity called a Revenant, whose purpose is to hunt those who have evaded their natural deaths and return them to their place. He joined Valor’s party around the same time as Dazun, and was known that his goal was to kill the wizard Prince, despite being his ally.

It was eventually revealed that Dazun went to Rol for his final death, and Rol was never heard of again.

Rol the Reaper

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