Valor Montreyn

An old Paladin, fallen from grace


In his youth, Valor was dramatic and regal, with a presence that inspired others to greatness. He was tall, well-built, with fair brown hair and rich brown eyes. As a Paladin of the Saints, he was an exemplary individual, and many saw the makings of the Saints in his actions.

In his older age, his hair darkened, and he gained distinguished steely grey in his hair and beard, his skin drawn taut over his powerful frame, emphasizing the many scars he’d earned as a hero.

When he was last seen, powerful untamed energies infused the fallen paladin, both fire and liquid radiance boiled out from his gaze and struck down his enemies. When defeated, he sizzled away like a dream, morning mist disappearing in the rising sun.


Valor Montreyn has lived up to his name. He was a Paladin of the Church of Saints, born a nobleman of Praenart, and a gentleman in the Society of Explorers, Gentleman, and Scoundrels. As the leader of his adventuring band, he was a close friend of Nerethias du’Vaughn, if often at odds with the more arcane individaul, and eventually married the Forgedrake general, Shauna diCaspari after long years of working together. They had a single daughter, but she often fought with her father and they parted ways.

Since his disappearance, he has been discovered by the party to have fallen in with the Cult of Death, stealing away their secrets of eternal life in a bid to continue his heroism despite age and retirement, and then falling into darkness and allying himself with the Dwarven Fire cult, after betraying the Cult of Death. Valor Montreyn as a hero was no more.

Due to the secrets of the Cult of Death, he had become a revenant, unkillable by normal means. He had clawed his way into a position of power with the wicked Fire Cult of the dwarves, promising to return the world to the Elemental Fire should they serve his dark desires. In secret, the party discovered, he sought to assault the world and cause conflict, seeking to unite all the kingdoms under a single human rule, to recreate the era of the White Empire, when humankind ruled all the world in a single age of glory. In his growing madness and delusion, he believed himself to be a reincarnation of the fabled White King, the god who freed mortals from the tyranny of ancient elemental evils and gave up his godhood to forge the first human empire. He had also believed his old friend and rival, Nerethias, was the incarnation of the Black King, the mysterious god of conflict and strife, and was fighting against him.
Valor Montreyn’s undead heart was located and ritually destroyed, and the man himself was met in battle in a private demiplane atop the peaks of the Dwarven kingdom’s mountaneous surface, where he was destroyed once and for all. The hero Glenn took up the mantle as ruler of the demiplane in order to re-open the passageway to the mortal realm and free his party from it’s prison.

Valor Montreyn

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