Iô Morningstar

Something of the Sidhe and doesn't know it.


A white light stirs behind her deep blue eyes. She has been called striking. She probably doesn’t care. She has a well endowed 5’2" frame. Pale skin, and hair that puts a peacock’s bright blue green hues to shame, at a length that would drag the floor if she wasn’t constantly finding ways to braid it. She wears winged chainmail armor, that of a Templar of the Azure Star, accented with the kind of fine cloth a dancer with a shimmy in their step would envy.


New Entry: Nearly a year of my life was consumed Perhaps more, I consider the excess namely a side effect of what my psyche may have glossed over due to lack of connection or unresolved traumatic events. The next series of notes and dialogue will perhaps point me in the direction I need to go to fill in the blanks.

I likely never knew my blood. The only one I have called Father, is the current Arch Bishop of the Temple of the Azure Star. I may have been left of the steps of his Church shortly after my birth. I remember the rain and the brightness of the morning star trying to shine through the clouds… Yet, most concerning, I don’t remember his name. I called him Sir blindly for the first two minor communications after the event that caused this issue, until my mind started putting pieces together. *Note: Look for my adoption papers. Seek old Journals perhaps.

Important events: The Arch Bishops had considered me for acolyte when I ‘fixed’ a student in the middle of sparring practice. Daddy was doing rounds to review our newest in training. I may have been following him whether he liked it or not. It interrupted their over zealous practice. I remember…shock and awe…Nothing like a 7 year old showing you up. Healed her, freed her movement and to my later knowledge cured her of a chronic condition.
As an acolyte I specialized in healing and the channeling of magical energies for purposes of efficient arcane use and later, in my case… more explosive results. I Then became a tutor and titled Scholar of Magical Theory and Ritual Casting. Which brings me to the age of 13, I was offered my own Temple. I used this as a place to study, and teach until I wished to take up combat training for more outside world experience.

I lived as a young prodigy and the daughter of a loving Father. I can recall most details of this time period without needing to rehash them in my head. I do however realize I am missing more names. People I should care about, friends maybe? Perhaps that sort of thing just wasn’t all that important to me…This may be a trend. If I ever get time with Daddy I may have to go over faces with him.

This however, brings me to a point where my mind gets dark. Morticia, even though she may not have known it at the time stirred up some old memories. The days right before my 15th birthday.I remember his face. Looking through old journals I think he was one of my sparring partners. I think his name may have been Israfel. An Eladrin, an exiled noble’s son? Only a little older than I was… He was important to me. The reason I left. To fight in his name? He was a better person than I am now, and he is dead. Another trend. I lack any memory of strong moral compass except for when I was with him Note: Recovery from mental side effects may not be possible. One who can only look at their own past as an outsider will not gain in the same form as the one who would be able to experience the moment for themselves.

This will need further meditation.

I was later assigned to Nerethias Du’Vaughn, to be honest I don’t have a clue how he and Daddy are linked. However, he must have respected him a great deal to send me to study under him. Funny thought, his is the first solid name I can remember. Suppose I wouldn’t find it so amusing if it was indeed his true name.

This is where I met those that would help me shape what I am…Good, bad or indifferent only time will tell. It was the day of my 16th Birthday, We were to seek word of Valor Montreyn in search of his lost daughter. I stepped onto the Path of Stars with them, and out the other side with a living scar on my psyche. I named him Vega.

The cause of all this was some creature known as, the Jackal of knowledge. The walk through this path required some concentration…well for everyone else. Especially for my new found Goblin friend struggling below. Wait, his name?*Reference: Tepinkoo AKA ‘Sancho!’ Why did I even wish to save him? Maybe it was the right thing? All I recall from this point is hunger. It’s hunger nothing more. I think I made a deal with it to see to it Sancho and I would escape. Maybe he did the same thing…Perhaps I just wanted to forget and the beast did me a favor. These things seem the most logical *See: Horsies vs. Unicorn Theory.

Note: Guild house Adventure logs can be accessed for further information on later events excluding some prophetic detail. Written by Don, Landers and Myself.

So, I suppose the next question is why am I going to follow these Heroes, namely Vita through Hell itself, when I can’t read my own moral compass…and possibly leave my country in ruins for some self proclaimed prince?

To many reasons to count. But, here is what is important. Vita is my friend and she deserves what was taken from her. I would rather fight beside them than anyone else. Because, Morticia gave me more than just the name of the beast who would have devoured me. She showed me what I had lost. She asked me to help her Son. Her son just so happens to be one of those pretty sharp objects that I seem to be a sucker for. Who’s blood right is to plant his ass on the throne of Vaelista. He deserves the chance. I deserve the chance…I will become something better than I was ever going to be before.

I am willing to accept that we might fail. But, I will do my best to make the journey along the way a smooth one.

New Entry: I have been working closely with some new political allies in hopes of gaining influence. If all goes well I will be an Arch Bishop along side of my Father before this is through. Oh, and I tapped into the Astral Sea today. With this energy I can upgrade my power substantially. I have also managed to use Vega as a channel in this process, absorbing him fully as an end result. *Note: Updating research log for possible side effects, and increases in the normal sufficient rate of energy output per healing or casting burst. May need to get bloody for accurate results. Perhaps I should pick a bar fight with a supernatural being? In any case the Temple should eventually be able to add a completed curriculum on this sort channeling by the end of this beautiful mishap I call an adventure. Either that or I will go mad and set my notes on fire! Who knows.

Entry via the Demon wastes:
Passed up another experiment today…No magic, and no eating of the magically delicious atmosphere is akin to watching my favorite Ice cream melt while everyone else gets to eat it. Mind you it’s not so much ice cream as it is an abomination of chaotic magical energy..and the party is slowly going insane, some just from being here it seems.*Note: Side effects on prolonged exposure to the magical abomination that is this atmosphere can be found in my Medical/Research log. I should be exhibiting some of the same symptoms due to more direct contact however, it has yet to show any effect. It may be to early to tell. I’m already kind of broken anyway might have to tell this new horror to wait in line.

Perhaps building a crude magical tuning device of sorts will ease my boredom and assist in shielding us from the side effects long enough to isolate the energies at the source and find a more long term solution for some and permanent use for others. *See Research/Ritual Creation Log for details on Arcane Mirror and Crystalline Wand.

But, all the same, I will be pleased when this noise is over and I can get back to testing, without worrying about my magic summoning forth a horde of hungry demons to devour us all.

Also, That Red Star is just damned creepy. To think… something that actually makes my skin crawl. This must mean it is going to be fun. It has been the only star in the sky not to shift with a new night sky sense our arrival and even still only in view of the Demonic temples that flower the Siege encampment in our path.

Iô Morningstar

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