The Undermountain Realm, The Mountain Halls

  • Capital: Fal-Toshar
  • Allies: Praehart
  • Enemies: Gragor, The Cult of Fire
  • Notable Groups: Keepers of the Past (religion), Church of the Mother (religion), Stoneblade Guard (military), the Firebreaker Guard (military)

Below the Blackstone Mountain Range, where the jagged cliffs run into the Southfire Peaks and cross into the Trar-Ravt Mountains is a land nominally claimed by the Dwarven kingdom. Beneath these mighty mountains is the Kingdom of Azul-Dhar, the Under-Mountain Realm, and the home of the Dwarves. The bulk of Dwarven aggression was spent in clash with the giants of Trar-Ravt in the north, leading into Morurat, as well as into the Elemental Depths below the earth. There are some orcish incursions from Gragor in Morurat, seeking a path around the Wall of Srakt. The only war against civilized lands was the Blackstone Conflict, when a military contingent from Drakeforge began surface-mining in the mountains above Azul-Dhar. The war was short and brutal, before Aelcyricas stepped in to broker peace, and the Dwarves were forced to enter into the modern political world. Since then, Azul-Dhar has been a strong if passive ally with nearby Praehart.

The borders are protected by mighty keeps, sealing the overworld from the caverns of the Dwarven lands, populated by the Stoneblade Guard. Deeper within the mountain halls are more Dwarves trained for their unending wars with the Giants and Elementalists, including many fanatical cultists from their own kind.

The Church of the Mother offers succor and aid to the Dwarven peoples, worshipping the living culture of their stony people. Meanwhile, the Keepers of the Past revere and worship the Dwarven Ancestors for guidance and power.

High magic, the purview of the Elves and arcanists, is distrusted and reviled by the bulk of dwarvenkind; it seems too similar to the demonic magic and elemental magic that the Dwarves are in constant conflict with, as well as the dark forces that overran their sister kingdom of Kher-Rebat in Morurat.

Recently, the Cult of Fire unleashed the elemental forces of magma beneath the kingdom, and actually succeeded in overrunning it with their forces, pushing the survivors of the Dwarven lands from the earth, forcing them to re-establish their kingdom aboveground in the Southfire Peaks, sealing off their ancient home. The usurper-king of the Dwarves, Prince Duphanon, has received much ill-will from his people for overthrowing his wastrel brother and abandoning his homeland to the war, although there are many who see the wisdom of survival.


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